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Cinematographer. Filmmaker. Storyteller.

I'm Viktor Gazo — a YouTuber and freelance Director of Photography originally from Slovakia and now based out of Guelph, Canada. Film, Share, Inspire is the foundation for much of what I do. I enjoy inspiring people through my films, traveling to new places, and sharing what I've learned with other filmmakers. Some of my experience includes working with some organizations and brands such as University of Guelph, Canadian Olympic Archery Team, Elevate, NGTronix, to mention a few. I'm married to my lovely wife "IE", and I'm a new father to my son Vik.

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I will make sure we understand your needs and ideas before any filming is done to secure the best results


With a wide range of cameras available I will make sure that the best quality images are delivered no matter what environment we shoot in


Use of professional editing software helps me with fine-tuning your video to the smallest detail

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You will receive the final product in a form that best suits your needs

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